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Treatment Prices and Descriptions

Treatment Duration Price Notes and Recommendations
Initial Consultation
Single Treatment
1 x 75 mins £70 per treatment A single treatment can begin to help stimulate the colon. Best results are gained by doing the Beginners Package which works out cheaper..
Beginner's Package** (recommended): Healthy Kick-Start 1 x 75 mins &
1 x 60 mins
(£70 1st treatment,
£ 65 2nd treatment)
We have designed this package specifically for those who have never had a colonic treatment and want to make substantial changes in their digestive health. This package must be taken within one week for best results.
Intermediate Package
:Deep Cleanse
1 x 75 mins &
3 x 60 mins
(£62.50 per treatment)
Four Colon hydrotherapy treatments that need to be taken within 2 months. We recommend this package specifically for those who suffer from constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, bloating, Candida, and other yeast infections and parasites. Also great for those who are wanting to support their fitness or weight loss programme.
Advanced Package: Optimum Maintenance 1 x 75 mins &
5 x 60 mins
(£59.00 per treatment)
Six Colon hydrotherapy treatments that need to be taken within 3 months. We recommend Optimum Maintenance packages to all those who have stressful employment, spend a lot of time sitting or driving, live in an aeroplane, have to change time zones and work on a project basis. This investment of time and money may help prevent degenerative diseases and will help you cheat the flow of time by making you look and feel younger than you would if you did nothing.
Single Treatments   £65.00 After the initial consultation and treatment, All
Individual treatments will be charged at £65.00

**Colon Hydrotherapy Packages. All packages, with no exception, must be pre-paid and taken within the time specified. Packages and courses are non-transferable and non-refundable. If you have changed your mind after you have begun your course of treatments, or if you have not used up your course or package offer within the time specified, you can use the balance of your account towards the same or other treatments or products. Your previous treatments will be upgraded on a full fee basis.

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